Poolside – Better than Sesame?

On Saturday morning, we told our daughter that we were not going to Sesame Place. She responded: “Okay”.

Hmmmm. A month of build-up and she was not even bothered by the bad news.

We as parents may be shielding our kids from too much. There was debate, the evening prior, as to whether we should still go to Sesame Place on Saturday because the kids were so excited. We were close to heading out in 95+ degree temperatures solely as a means of not disappointing the young ones.
Instead, we all were taught a lesson. Kids can handle a postponement, switch gears, and find fun in other places and us adults can make sensible decisions without fear of devastating our children.

Turns out, they were happy (probably happier) to play in and around the pool.

We have rescheduled for early September when the weather will hopefully be more merciful and the crowds more sparse.

Out With The Kids

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