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OWTK Monthly Music Suggestions – July 2006

During the third week of each month, OWTK dusts off the record collection and brings to you, our loyal reader, a handful of choice cuts from artists/bands old and new that can and should be enjoyed by you and yours, regardless of age.

So gather ’round the family PC (or Mac, like us) and take a listen to the July installment of the OWTK Music Suggestions.

Click on each song title to listen to the track in it’s entirety (a new feature which is debuting this month).

The Zombies This Will Be Our Year
This is a wonderfully sentimental song for parent and child, especially those going through or coming out of a tough time together.

Hoots and Hellmouth Home For Supper
H&H are a local Philly outfit playing a enthusiastic mix of old time country and rock-n–roll. They recently signed with Drexel University’s student-run label Mad Dragon Records. This track is the first on their self-released EP. Expect to hear more nationally from Hoots and Hellmouth in the coming months. I am including this track, not only because it is very solid and quite fun, but because they are playing the XPN All About The Music Festival this coming Saturday in Camden, NJ and the OWTK 3 will be in attendance.

Sensefield Voice
A special song to me. Probably does not come off as powerful recorded as it did live, but it is still quite good. This was Sensefield’s one epic song, the one everyone in the crowd would belt out along with Jon Bunch, the lead singer. Still gives me goosebumps thinking back to those days – packed into little venues and witnessing the beginning of the popular rise of what is now referred to as “emo” rock.

The Decemberists The Sporting Life
The Portland, Oregon band could easily switch gears and begin writing children’s music, I am sure of it. This track, from their latest effort “Picaresque”, is a rockin’ good time tune about a boy pushed into playing sports because his father never “made it”. It is told from the boy’s point of view as he lay on the soccer field during a game, down with an injury. It is hilarious. I am certain you and your kids will agree.

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs The Kid’s Are Alright
A cover of the famous song by The Who done by Sweet and Hoffs for their “Under the Covers Vol. 1” CD. Some great tracks on this covers album including Dylan’s “Its all over now, Baby Blue” and Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl”. The family will most likely dig the album from start to finish, but “The Kid’s are Alright” is a standout track for children.

*The Zombies and Matthew Sweet tunes were provided to OWTK by Sarge, a lovely gentleman from New York, who plays drums in the band Luck be a Lady.

If you would like to purchase any of these fine selections for your own music library, please click on the iTunes link to the right (you may need to scroll down a bit). By doing so, you will be helping to support this site (which you love deeply, we know).
We will owe you a big hug if we ever cross paths. Thanks in advance!

Want to see what songs were suggested last month?

Enjoy the music!

Disclaimer: If you are the artist, band, label, or publisher of a song featured on OWTK and would not like your track to be available in digital form, please email us and we will remove it.

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