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Seussical Jr. – Theater for Toddlers and Kids

Our daughter will be attending her first play this coming weekend, at the Bristol Riverside Theater in Bristol, PA. Her Mom-mom is taking her to see Seussical Jr., a new stage production of the Broadway hit Dr. Seuss musical Seussical. Tickets are a mere $7 and that presents, at least financially, a fairly low-risk endeavor, which is why we greenlighted the event even though she is only 2 1/4 years old. The roughly 1 hour story of Seussical Jr. follows Horton and his friends in the speck of dust (aka Who-ville) he discovers. The musical play also features Dr. Suess favorites The Cat in the Hat and the Grinch, among others.

Mom-mom is continuing a long-standing tradition of hers. A couple times a year she schedules a “Day Out with Mom-mom”. During this time with her grandsons and granddaughters she will often take them to a small local theater and to lunch. Those are special moments that both she, and her grandkids, look back on with fond memories. As a result the kids have seen, combined, dozens of plays and musicals.

Live theater can be a magical experience for kids, especially for those whose primary source of visual entertainment is through movies and TV. To see actors performing live on stage and to be allowed to become a part of that process, is an amazing gift. The fact that there are theaters in towns all over the country that offer this kind of experience for kids of all ages, including the toddler set, and are often performing time tested theatrical favorites like Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, and Jungle Book, for such a fair price (cheaper than a movie) is a tremendous thing.

Seussical Jr. is also being performed this summer at the Sellersville Theater, in PA, in New York City at Theater 315, and in Tarrytown, NY at the Tarrytown Music Hall. If you think your child (or children) would enjoy seeing live theater check with your hometown theater company about a kids show they may be staging this summer. If they have nothing planned for that age group, ask them to consider it for next season. Keep in mind that prices will vary from theater to theater, city to city, as can age requirements for certain shows.

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