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Project Bird Feeder – Update

The OWTK Bird Feeder has been, if I am not being too premature in saying, a rousing success. We are not sure if our backyard has been rated by Zagat – Bird Edition just yet, but business is brisk. As advertised, our Droll Yankee feeder has seen not a single squirell on it, they are however loitering below (it would seem that some of our customers are messy eaters).

During the busy lunch and dinner hours, it is not uncommon to see a queue forming atop the wrought iron hook from which the feeder hangs. We have seen so far: both male and female cardinals, and many other birds the Mrs. has yet to identify. Most are smallish black birds, some with red heads. We saw one bright yellow bird with some black spots the first day, but he (or she) has yet to return while we were home.

When we arrive home each evening, the first thing our daughter will do is run to the back window to check for birdies. That alone makes this project worthwhile.

More updates (and pictures) to come…

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