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Take Your Kids to a Farmers Market

As our society becomes more and more modern we find that the distance between a raw ingredient and a finished product has expanded to the point where we often haven’t a clue where anything, let alone the food we eat, originates.

In taking your kids to a local farmers market you can slowly bridge that gap, reconnect with your actual community and the great people in it, show your kids visual proof that food doesn’t start out in a box, and help the local economy. Who knew buying a tomato or pack of strawberries could be so powerful!

Many kids today (and too many of their parents!) think that all food is made in factories where mass produced edible products roll off a production line, are individual wrapped, and shipped cross country to your local supermarket. Unfortunately, those kids would be almost correct. Even PB&J sandwiches, arguably one of the quickest, cheapest, and easiest things to make yourself, now come pre-made, individually wrapped and frozen!

You can help educate your kids that there are still hard working people in our own backyard producing good, nutritious food for us. These folks can often be found at one of the 3100+ local growers or farmers markets in the U.S. selling their fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, and just about anything else one can grow, raise, or harvest.

Markets can be a load of fun for kids as many feature baby animals, live music, jugglers, and artists who make handcrafted soaps, woodwork, breads and other baked goods. Farmers Markets are catering to the family more than ever – to make a morning out shopping for carrots and lettuce a fun family event. Bring your dog as well! Markets allow you to shop outdoors with your family’s best friend in tow.

Another reason to make shopping at your local farmers market a regular occurrence is the current energy situation this country and the world face. While we at OWTK love to travel we do not necessary like our food to log more miles than us. Studies show that the average family meal travels 1500 miles to reach its eventual destination. Considering energy supply and prices that needs to be reduced and we all have the power to do so.

No idea where your local market is? No problem. The good people at Food Routes and Local Harvest offer easy-to-use tools to locate and visit your local growers. Check out the links below for more info:

Searchable nationwide map of farms, markets, co-ops, etc:

More info on why this is so important to your kids and community:

Feel passionate about this topic and want to bring farm fresh fruits and veggies to your child’s school? Check out the amazing FARM TO SCHOOL project:


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