First Post

I have delayed making the first post to this site in an effort to find the perfect words to encapsulate what I want this site to become. I have come up with nothing brilliant and awe-inspiring so I start with this: All I can tell you is that this site, when fully realized, will serve as a place for parent’s and families to drop in and, hopefully, get some good ideas for new music to check out, a new city to visit and a whole lot more. This is going to be informal in style and I welcome comments on the topics, events, places, and things discussed here. Please share your thoughts on the places you have found entertaining while with your kids, books they love, etc. The main idea is to highlight those places and things not often thought of as “kid-friendly”, but are indeed able to be enjoyed by the whole family and often tend to be far more rewarding. So, we are not talking about Disneyworld, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank, The Wiggles, or big chain restaurants whose children’s menu offers nothing more exotic than chicken fingers, mac-n-cheese, and the like. I am going to keep the ads to a minimum but if I discuss a book, toy, or a cd there will be a direct link to purchase the item from a great retailer like Powell’s books.

Thanks for stopping by and I sincerely hope you enjoy Out With The Kids!


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