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2017 Cadenza
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At Home in La La Land

There were supposed to be more hours to kill in paradise on that Thursday morning. I’d gone Into The Mystic the evening prior, staying up later than advisable if not for the anticipation of a morning spent peacefully under a puffed white duvet until the haze of morning had faded […]

2017 Kia Niro
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The Exhilaration of Kia Niro Sport Mode Is My 7 Seconds In Heaven

We passed through the toll booth together, neck and neck, me in lustrous jolly red, you in a dashing silver that glittered in the midday summer sun. We were a sexy pair. Lazily acquiescing to your forward momentum, I fell in line as we approached the bend in the on-ramp […]

Not MY 1986 Honda Civic, because, well, read on...
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Michelin First Car Moment

This post is about cars but it’s also about photos; those we have, those we don’t, and those we’ll see in our mind’s eye until the end of days. A photogenic memory isn’t something I could legitimately claim to have. I’d be found out the minute someone asked me to […]

Being A Better Parent Means Being A Better Driver
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Being A Better Parent Means Being A Better Driver

It’s all connected. All of it. I’ve never had a drink, I’ve never done a single drug, and I try like hell to never look at my phone while at the helm of the family car. My burning desire to be keenly aware for and of every waking moment started […]

OWTK’S Helpful Idea #6
OWTK's Helpful Ideas

OWTK’S Helpful Idea #6

OWTK hits the road for Helpful Idea Number 6: USE YOUR TURN SIGNALS In case it’s been a while since you miraculously passed your driver’s test, let me clue you in on this handy function standard on all vehicles: turn signals help to let others know of your plans while […]