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I write and/or have written for The Huffington Post, Family Vacation Critic, The Good Men Project, Cooper & Kid’s Catch E-Zine, Time Out New York Kids, Red Tricycle, Mocha Man Style, & Popdose, and have penned articles in the past for Chevy, iVillage, Cool Mom Picks,, Mom.me, Mommy Poppins, Nameberry, and numerous other publication online and off. I have appeared on HuffPost Live, and Headline News (HLN)’s Raising America has featured some of my work. I’ve also done some stuff on-air for NBC10 Philadelphia, appeared on Fox News Live, dropped money saving family budget advice on ABC Action News, have been a guest on WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, and was quoted extensively in The Washington Post and in Josh Levs book All In. Early in 2014, my family starred in a Skype short film commercial. I publish a monthly OWTK podcast here. Oh, and I have stories in a few published books. Check out my Amazon Author Page for more on those fine reads.

I am available for appearances and speaking engagements on the topics of parenting, investing in childhood, NOT saving for college, and all things childhood: toys, kindie music, technology, gaming, books, kid culture, etc.  Contact me here.

A bit of a personal bio, if you’ve got the time.

I’m Jeff Bogle and I started Out With The Kids (OWTK) when my 1st daughter (known around here as The Bear) was 2-years old. The idea was to document the way my wife and I “Parent Differently”, a tag I use from time to time around here. Since that modest blogging birth, OWTK has grown into a recognized and oft quoted voice in the kindie rock music world, and, occasionally, in the kid’s theater, literature and toy worlds…and my family has grown to include a 2nd child (The Mouse.) I am kid’s music’s toughest critic and most fearless champion.

There’s a lot of bad kid’s music out there, but you won’t read about any of it here. Same goes for children’s books. I have no desire to trash specific projects that others have dedicated time, energy and money to make. Plus, the majority of adults already have a negative view of kid’s music and books – one of my goals with Out With The Kids (OWTK) is to alter that perspective, not enhance it.

I come from an indie/college rock background. My world was forever altered by music in 1993. I was 17-years old. I went on to schedule/promote indie rock shows, ran a very small record label and generally have a fondness for all things independent. That there exists a vibrant indie kid’s (kindie) music scene was just too perfect. That I am, on some level, a part of it, is exciting because I truly love, and have a real passion for, brilliant family/all-ages music. OWTK exists, in part, to share that passion with you.

I usually write OWTK whilst standing. I

Additionally, I have a podcast called the OWTK Kid’s Music Monthly that you can subscribe to for free and thereby receive 10 songs representing the best & brightest in modern family music delivered to you on the 1st of every month, and I tweet @OWTK

From L-R: The Bear, Myself, The Mouse. Christmas 2011