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The Heavy Lifting of Fall Cleaning

When you’ve got no central air conditioning, you end up leaning on your ceiling fans heavily – heavy leaning like an awkward kid in 1989 holding up the wall at his first (and every other) high school dance. That kid may or may not be me. Moving on…

Because I grew up addicted to a/c, feigning heat stroke on the occasions my parents had the audacity to make me spend even a 5-minute spell outside during the unrelenting summers of my pampered suburban youth, I militantly refuse to have central air installed in my own home as an adult. I can’t handle the idea of my daughters growing up with a similar crutch of needing it to always be 63 degrees Fahrenheit indoors. Plus, a little night sweat puts hair on yer chest! Errr, you know what I mean. Right?

There’s a ceiling fan in just about every room of our home, save for the bathrooms although I’ve considered it. With the exception of a few brutally humid 100-degree days and nights each summer, we don’t miss the creature comforts of a/c. Well, I don’t and those are DEFINITELY NOT cries coming from my daughters’ rooms. After all, lying down in bed beneath swirling blades brings in the cool comfort of a SoCal beach escape regardless of the heat and humidity outside in nowhere-near-the-beach Southeastern Pennsylvania. That’s what I’ve convinced myself anyway and I usually don’t even fret about the fan becoming unhinged and slicing me to bits. Usually.

Each of our fans were finally permitted to exhale a couple of weeks ago, after months of grueling non-union labor, and when the blades eventually came to a complete stop, what I found is what I always find this time of year: fistfuls of grey dust clinging onto the forward edge of each blade, as if they’d spent the previous 4 months swinging through stratus storm clouds.

Fall Cleaning Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes

In years past I’d dampen tissues, a lot of tissues, and one by one slide off the dust but that was dumb because I’d be wasting tissues and also because inevitably not all the dust would stick to the damped tissue fibers. The results were comforters covered with specks of wet tissue and chunks of moist dust. Fun.

Enter Clorox® Triple Action Dust Wipes, Extra Large edition. On the aforementioned ceiling fan blades, on the baseboard heaters, on ALL the door knobs (the ultimate ‘kid-thinks-they-are-being-helpful’ busy work trick, I mean, VERY IMPORTANT household chore), and the underside of every flat surface once I toss off all the crap that’s been collecting that hasn’t been touched in months meaning no one can possibly claim to care about any of it.

These Clorox dust wipes are like magic, magic magnetized dust magnets trapping cat hair, allergens, dust (duh) and even more cat hair in its genius interlocking weave so there’s no more wet tissues, no more wet tissue pieces, no more falling clumps of dampen dust grossing out my daughters.

Make your fall cleaning a breeze, even with the ceiling fans turned off, before the cold weather season arrives with just one huge Clorox Dust Wipe needed per room, even if that room has a dust-encrusted ceiling fan.

OWTK is a Clorox CLXChampion receiving financial compensation for this and other stories. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always, my fans do all the heavy lifting during the hot months, they are truly caked with dust, and my family covers every flat surface with stuff. So much stuff.

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