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A Birthday Letter To My 17-Year-Old Niece

In December, I think I might have accidentally-on-purpose inspired a 3rd grader, which was weird because I’d never met the lad before and because I’m not usually the one doing the inspiring. Hey! I never did write about that amazing morning spent giving career day presentations. I will, soon. Thanks for reminding me.

I am trying my hand at it again this week, well, the inspiring bit not the career day stuff, and with more purpose than by-accident this time, in a letter I typed and mailed to my niece upon her forthcoming 17th birthday this weekend. It’s standard weight printer paper, 80% recycled because I’m trying to do my part, folded once, and sandwiching a $50 check that’ll hopefully be forgotten first.

My niece doesn’t know a ton about my past — why would she, she’s not my kid — but I want her to know that 17 was an important year for me, quite possibly the most important as I’m certain things wouldn’t have gone the way they did if not for the experiences experienced in my 17th year. In short, I’d like her to know that she might want to consider keeping her head and heart open this year because the stuff that happens at and around age 17 matters. And might just matter a whole awful lot.

Here’s the Birthday Letter To My 17-Year-Old Niece. Here’s a bit of me, heart-on-sleeve, on basic printer paper, hoping to make a small difference in someone’s life.

A Happy Birthday Letter To My 17-year-old Niece

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