Fall In Love With Listening To Music Agan — Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones Giveaway

Sure, I’d seen ’em. The footballers on Being: Liverpool, every NBA and college basketball player getting off their team bus and walking through the concrete tunnels beneath the arena, I’ve seen ’em a lot, but I never really thought about owning a pair of swanky over-the-ear headphones myself.

That is almost entirely true. I have thought about how nice it must be to have big soft padded ear phones caressing your outer ear…while on a plane — to fight back against the sound of the jet engines, the baby crying two rows back, and the pompous and/or inane conversation across the aisle. But on solid ground, I thought earbuds were the bomb. Man, was I WAY wrong.

The Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones I received, and will eventually, at the bottom of this post, give to one of you, are so gorgeous looking and so a-m-a-z-i-n-g sounding that I feel like a fool for relying on crappy in-ear buds this whole time.

My music library sounds so much richer than ever before, like the discovery that yes indeed vinyl sounds 500% better than a CD.  The first album I put on while wearing my Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones was Built to Spill There’s Nothing Wrong With Love, then Avett Brothers The Carpenter, followed by The Okee Dokee Brothers Can You Canoe?. All of those brilliant recordings came to life in a way that they hadn’t, couldn’t, before. The banjos, the big deep bass lines, the supple drumming, and heartbreaking voices revealed themselves to me, and I was agasp, and I’d be lying if I said a tear wasn’t falling down my face. I love music so damn much but rarely have I heard it so beautifully delivered as when I slipped on my Sol Republic Tracks HD Headphones for the first time. I want you to experience this too.

But first, check out all the great products from Sol Republic, including collegiate-themed headphones and quality inner-ear ones too.


Okay, so here is your chance to score a pair of virgin white Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones (a $130 value!) and experience the joy of listening to music again. Or, give these as a gift and wow someone special in your life. Follow the steps below for all the entry options. Good luck!

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*OWTK received a pair of these fine headphones for review consideration and an extra pair to give away. The opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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  1. Nichole Welz says:

    The first thing I will listen to on my SOL republic tracks HD Headphones is A Charlie Brown Christmas! 🙂

  2. Ben would love to use a pair of headphones like this on the bus to school.

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  4. These look incredible! I’m far behind listening to my growing music collection – need to catch up!

  5. Craig Borduin says:

    The first song I’d listen to would be U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. It’s HAMMER TIME!!

  6. Any of the Beatles songs on my IPOD

  7. rhiana

  8. Movies

  9. I’d listen to whatever’s in the review pile…

  10. A book on my iTunes. Preferably one by Stephen Colbert

  11. jessica edwards says:

    Not sure, would give them to my husband

  12. Martine Mcdonald says:

    I would listen to the Nina Simone collection that my partner has, they would be for her. She would be thrilled.

  13. Brian White says:

    I would listen to Kendrick Lamar’s new album.

  14. Most likely some sort of children’s music. Possibly also some sort of weird classical music…. come to think of it, I’d bet Young Magic’s MELT album would sound really good coming through those.

  15. I don’t know when big headphones made a comeback, but I like it.

  16. Sweet! I’d love to hear Brian Wilson’s Smile on these.

  17. I’d give this to my son…so he’s probably go for Maroon 5!

  18. I’d listen to some Avett Brothers or Muse, probably.

  19. Craig Borduin says:

    I’ve already commented, but the widget won’t let me tweet the link unless I say I’ve commented again. So I guess I’d also listen to the Krewella song mentioned on the Today Show this morning. Play Hard – Krewella

  20. Jay-Z’s 99 Problems

  21. I’d be tempted to break out the Pink Floyd for a fun flashback… or Steve Miller, but more than likely it’d be The Avett Brothers or I’d belt it out with Adele. I’d be hoping these headphones would block out my voice so I could enjoy the music more.

  22. Gift for my son (shhh) who, oddly, has been singing Taylor Swift “never ever ever” all over the house. I think it’s an earworm and will get it looked at quickly.

  23. Id give it to my hubby so he can hear his game- and I don’t have too!

  24. I would listen to The Beatles first!