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At-Home Dad Chronicles: When Should A Dad Stop Walking Around Naked

Me! Naked!

Ouch. That was super cruel. So sorry.

Me + Naked are words you, my dear and loyal reader, should never be forced to consider together. I apologize sincerely for putting them, and a naked me, in your head right now. Go brush your teeth or something. I’ll wait.

Hideous imagery aside, the question stands: When Should A Dad — fit or not — Stop Walking Around Naked?  As questions go, I’ll admit, this isn’t pressing.  The world has 99 problems, fiscal cliff — holla!, and a naked me ain’t one.  But I am genuinely having a difficult time figuring out when I must stop disrobing before getting my shower going on, or cease changing clothes from soup to nuts (wha?) after crawling out of bed in the AM, all while the kiddos are in my general vicinity. Their relative height is, um, both too tall and not tall enough, if you catch my meaning.

I’m pretty sure it is only me, and, well, you now too, who is considering this. The girls (all of them) pay naked me no mind, but at some point that’ll change for the Bear and the Mouse.  The Mrs. noticing me is a totally different matter.  Should I show more discretion now, to get a head start on the issue, or just keep on letting it all hang out?

What say you?

And here I am kissing a giant pickle. Because when else would I use this photo?

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  1. I honestly don’t know what age because I was always extremely bashful and never walked around nude to begin with. In fact, I shyed away from peeing in front of my son long before his potty training was done.

  2. nice pickle!

  3. Really, Zach, you were pee shy in front of your son? I mean, I’m not gallivanting about the house in the buff (at least not when the kids are here – hey now!) but I feel oddly okay with my body around the family. Around others (read: high school gyms, sports teams — not so much.)

  4. Wow! Horrible image, good question.
    I’m trying to remember when I started scooting the kids out of the room when I got in the shower or changed clothes or just needed the occasional nakedness.
    It may have been after the time my son pointed and laughed…
    In all seriousness, it’s important to teach modesty, and address the curiosity of the kids, but I think it’s different for all kids depending on maturity and when they really start paying attention the fact that you’re letting it all hang out.
    Great post, Jeff.