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Waverly And The Magic Seashells + A Giveaway!

If your kid loves themselves the Polly Pockets, but you cringe when they ask (and don’t they always ask?!) for your help squeezing on those teensy-weensy plastic clothes, Waverly & The Magic Seashells is a brand new toy line that you’re gonna want to buy (or win; see below!) for your young’ins.

Why is this? Simple, really, because the Polly-sized mermaids are every bit as sweet on the eyes as Ms. Pocket & her pals, only there are no stretchy wardrobes and less itty bitty accessories. Win, win.

In a smart move, albeit not exactly a groundbreaking one, the fresh Waverly franchise has also chosen to trade in the very popular and successful mystery/secret toy element with a series of pearls that are activated in the clam shell play sets and which reveal one of 50 secrets. Don’t expect to discover things like: did we really landed on the moon or which wide receiver you should start in the flex position for your fantasy football team this week (man, I wish!) with these pearls. Also, what exactly to do with Syria? No, Waverly’s pearls do not offer us such revelations.  Instead of those heady insights, your kid will hear simple statements like the name of Waverly’s pet, and what those pets like to do in their free time. Underwhelming, maybe, but fun enough — the anticipation of discovering each new secret.  If nothing else, the pearls will make a great addition to any marble collection.  Ah, pretty marbles are soooo nice.

The clam shell set features a swing, a pearl holder, a ring your kiddo can wear with or without a pearl inside (neat-o, this jewelry addendum!), a pet, a pet holder, a tiny hairbrush, and a mermaid doll with hair worth brushing.  There is also a lite backstory to the characters and their underwater world of Azarella.

Waverly and The Magic Seashells are undeniably cute, and get bonus dad points for not having gigantic heads or overtly skimpy attire.  My girls were gaga to rip open the boxes and bubble packs and quickly incorporated their new mermaids into their ever-evolving imaginative playtime alongside Playmobil people, wooden blocks, My Little Ponies, Legos, and the Family Box.

Waverly, her best buds, pets, and play areas won’t drive you nearly as batty as others in this particular toy category, and that alone is reason to stuff these new mermaid toys into some stockings this Christmas.

Watch the commercial for the Waverly toy line and try to tell me that your lil’ girl wouldn’t gobble it up.

**************GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!***************

Want some of the Waverly and The Magic Seashells adorableness for yourself and your kiddo? Want to get a free head start on your 2012 holiday shopping?  Of course you do!  Let’s give one seashell playset PLUS a couple of extra dolls away, shall we?

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To enter, simply follow along in the box below for all the necessary instructions and entry methods and deadlines. Good luck!

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*OWTK received samples of the toys to facilitate the review & giveaway. All opinions expressed above are honest and unbiased, as always.

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