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The Most Important Question Of Our Time

We leave for Barcelona in exactly two months from today.

In getting the kids ready and excited for our rapidly approaching 10 day journey through Spain, France & Andorra, we dug out the Bear’s scrapbook from our last trip abroad.  This is from when she was a toddler some 5 1/2 years ago.  In with the photographs, carrousel tokens, TGV tickets, and other mementos is a crisp EURO – a 10 spot!

The question: Do we let her pluck it out for spending money while in Europe again this year or leave it as a 2006 memory?

The fate of western civilization this particular EURO banknote is in your hands.  What say you?

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  1. I’d leave it as is, if it were me.

  2. What would the EURO amount need to be to change your mind? What if we had stuck a 20 in there? 50?

  3. Leave it and give her some more! Have a GREAT trip. Enjoy the food and drink – which, for me, is half the fun of traveling!

  4. Hey Bruce, we also love assimilating into the local culture and yes, a big part of that is the cuisine! We aren’t the type of tourists looking for the familiar from back home while exploring new locales that is for sure!