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Holiday Gaming Gift Guide: Nintendo DS Top Picks

Nintendo DS Top Picks
by Cooper McHatton

Now that the 3DS has begun it’s methodical takeover of the Nintendo handheld market, the DS’s line-up is beginning to lighten up. Still, the DS has had a pretty remarkable year.
Here are the top Nintendo DS titles of 2011:

Pokemon – Black Version & White Version
Choose your starter Pokemon and begin an adventure in one of the greatest Pokemon games! Players can take place in turn based battles, capture wild Pokemon, and explore the all-new Unova region.

Kirby Mass Attack
What’s better than one Kirby? 10 Kirbys! That’s what! Control up to 10 tiny Kirbys at the same time in this touch based, out of the box DS game. Solve strange puzzles as you move your collection of Kirbys through this unique mixture of 2D touch based side-scroller and real-time strategy game.

Professor Layton and the Last Specter
The latest entry to the Layton series (which is actually a prequel to the existing games) is full of classic Professor Layton puzzle gameplay including brain teasers, riddles, and conundrums. As if all this wasn’t enough, Professor Layton and the Last Spector also includes an 8-bit RPG included as well as daily downloadable puzzles.

Plants Vs. Zombies
Plants Vs. Zombies is now on your DS! Enjoy the award winning game with a number of exclusive features. Plant your garden of flower weaponry and defend your house from the zombie invasion!

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation is a single player RPG that has made it’s way to North America 15 years after its original console release in Japan. Players assemble a party of adventures, explore different realms, and develop different abilities in combat.

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