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Comment #6 wins the tickets to see Jackie Evancho at Lincoln Center on 11/7.  Congrats Cliff Lovell!  Check your inbox for details!

Comment #15 wins a Jackie Evancho prize pack!  This includes a CD, mugs, tote bag and poster.  Congrats Sempi Ternam!  Check your inbox!


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Several weeks ago while visiting with my parents they stopped the channel flipping on PBS to show my girls a singer with a voice so unreal that everyone in the room stopped what they were doing and stared in disbelief. No one spoke. No one moved. No other performance has ever had this effect on all Bogles ages 4-74. More amazing, the performer was only 11-years old; the soprano Jackie Evancho.

You may know Evancho from her stunning debut on America’s Got Talent last year, or her PBS appearances with David Foster, or her Christmas album, or her full-length disc “Dream With Me”.  Now you can get to know her in person.  In the greatest city on Earth.

Jackie Evancho is set to make her New York City debut this fall at Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall with a live orchestra and OWTK is excited to give one lucky reader a pair of premium orchestra tickets to this 1-night only Big Apple performance on Monday November 7, 2011.  This is a musical event not to be missed.


For your chance to win two (2) premium orchestra tickets to see Jackie Evancho at Lincoln Center in New York, NY on 11/7/11 at 8pm simply leave a comment here telling me what song you would love to hear Jackie sing in person; your wedding tune, favorite song as a kid, anything at all.  Personally, I’d like to hear her croon Nat King Cole’s “Only Yesterday”.  Got it? Good. But wait, there’s more ways to enter this fine giveaway!

  • LIKE the OWTK Facebook page (then you must leave an additional comment here telling me that you LIKE Out With The Kids on FB).
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  • Tweet about this giveaway up to once per day (each tweet counts as a separate entry and you must leave separate comments here for each daily tweet with a link to them)! Simply cut & paste this bold text into your Twitter feed: I just entered to win tickets to see Jackie Evancho @jackieevancho make her NYC debut at @LincolnCenter from @OWTK – http://owtk.com/?p=10660

The deadline for all entries is 6:55pm (ET) on Friday, September 30 2011. One winner will be selected at random and will be announced here on OWTK shortly thereafter.  All results are final.  The tickets will be held at Will Call at the venue under the winner’s name mailed directly to the winner.

The 2nd random winner will have a Jackie Evancho prize pack sent to them.  This will include a CD, mug, tote bag and poster.

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  1. Danny Boy is my song choice for Jackie to sing.

  2. I would love to hear Jackie sing The Impossible Dream in person! 🙂

  3. Cliff Lovell says:

    I would love to hear Jackie Evancho sing “Lovers” in person. It is one of Jackies favorite songs to sing because she is able to express so much emotion with it.

  4. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Just “liked” Out With the Kids on Facebook.

  5. I love Impossible Dream. My fovorite Jackie song so far.

  6. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    I am a new follower on Twitter. Will post link after tweeting the contest.

  7. Steve Hansen says:

    I would love to hear “A Time For Us”.

  8. My song of choice is “To Believe” by; Matt Evancho.

  9. Carl Cavender says:

    I would love to hear Danny Boy.

  10. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Posted contest tweet http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35

  11. I was luck enough to attend Jackie’s Dallas Concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. All her songs (11) received standing O’s and loud and long cheers from the crowd. 20 year+ season ticket holds said they have never seen a performer get standing o’s after everyone. The whole house was on their feet, not just the hard core Jackie fans up front.
    My favorite song that Jackie sang was The Impossible Dream. Jackie outdoes Frank Sinatra, believe it or not. She got probably the longest and loudest standing ovation after this song. Those in the first two rows said Jackie had tears in hers eyes. So did many of the people before her. Her biggest asset is not her bell like tone, pitch, phrasing nor vibrato , but her connection to the music, hence the audience.
    Jackie is a master story teller at age 11.

  12. Glenn Triller says:

    I am a loyal Jackie fan both on Facebook and twitter and saw her in person in Chicago at Ravinia with several other very loyal Jackie fans. I think though that I would love to hear Jackie sing another Babs hit ” People ” in person! Jackie could put so much emotion into an already beautiful song that it would be an absolutely awesome performance!!

  13. Rey Castillo says:

    I would like to hear Jackie sing “A Time For Us” in person.

  14. My top choice would be “A Time For Us” but there are many others. Jackie sings as only Jackie can, and it’s very special to hear her sing anything she chooses.

  15. I absolutely love every song Jackie sings, but if I were to wish for her to perform one not already in her repertoire it would have to be “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from the “Wizard of OZ.” My fingers are crossed that Jackie will one day star in the remake of OZ, and to follow the yellow brick road as she has already been following the road to achieving her own dreams. ~WW~

  16. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    My daily contest tweet is up:) http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 ..Thanks for this opportunity to see Jackie perform live. Had given up on being able to see her concert in NY. My dad adores her and I know it would mean a lot to him if we get to go so I’m giving it a try. …For now, looking online to see if there is a preview of Jackie’s new duet with Tony Bennett.

  17. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Tweet for 9/21 http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 …excited for another day. The kids are at school and going to watch TV before tackling chores. First up, a quick DVR clip from Jackie’s PBS special– today, “Dark Waltz,” as it is one of the songs that is only on the taped concert performance.

  18. I am a big twitter watcher from Jackie, I have her to my mobile.

  19. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    My tweet for 9/22 http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 still hopeful. Would be a dream come true to see Jackie in NY at the Lincoln Center.

  20. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Giving it my best shot, a new tweet for 9/23 http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 This morning I am going to watch the rest of “The Phantom of the Opera.” Jackie always says this movie was an inspiration for her. When she first began singing, it was around the house, singing along with songs from the film.

    After watching much of the movie, I can fully see how the show had an effect on her… Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music is indescribably beautiful.

    Also, there is something about Jackie’s singing that shows a profound recognition of music. She is more than just a girl who wants to be like singers or stars from tv. She captures the meaning and emotion of music. “A Time for Us,” is an excellent example. No one could tell her how to sing that song as well as she does…

    …still dreaming of NY (and a weekend out with family). I haven’t had much time to spend with my Dad these days. So busy with work and living in different towns. It would be the perfect concert for us to see… Maybe we could even catch a show of “Phantom of the Opera.” 🙂

  21. Jackie Evancho brings me to tears with that voice; it’s something I have never heard in my life and I’m planning on traveling from Gergia to New York to see her. The song I would love to hear her sing would be a childhood favorite “When You Wish Upon a Star”. My mom used to sing it to me every night for bed and it’s one of my favorite songs that I sing to my children myself now.

  22. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    2/24 tweet http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 One of the unique things about Evancho’s appeal is that, while she performs from a specific genre — classical crossover — she reaches a diverse audience: old age, middle-aged, and young age alike.

    It wasn’t until a few years ago that I first had an increased interest in music and began to appreciate live performances. At that time, there had been a live broadcast from the NY Philharmonic at the Lincoln Center. It got me interested in the classical repetoire, including operatic works.

    Many performances were masterpieces to see live with a full orchestra. Some of my favorites were Carmina Burana, Verdi’s Requiem, and Beethoven’s Ninth, blending orchestra, chorus, and soloists.

    Still, it was hard to get people interested in attending works featuring orchestra music or opera singers. They still saw the music as dated.

    Not so with Jackie.

    Now friends and family are interested and have considered attending these “opera house” events 🙂 Perhaps now they will have the chance to experience this important genre of music with it’s graceful depiction of emotion, beauty, and thought.

    And, it won’t just be a stepping stone to get people interested in the more classical or authentic works. Jackie is the full on experience — the best of what music has to offer.

  23. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Daily tweet for 9/25

    Jackie has a broad appeal among consumers. For that reason, she brings together fans from many backgrounds and across generation gaps.

    This is important because, growing up, individuals come to embrace different genres of music. Music, which is rooted in sharing and bringing people together, nevertheless, can send us on seperate paths and appreciations. Some may come to enjoy Country and Western music, while others may have a greater affinity for Pop, Rock, or Classical music genres.

    My Dad was always one to favor country and bluegrass. Today, in the later part of his life, he still loves to play music and also has an instrument store.

    If we attend a Jackie Evancho concert, I’m certain it would enhance his appreciation of music. While he loves Jackie as an artist, he would also enjoy the orchestral performances because he has never been to a symphony. I know his face would light up when he sees the large orchestra. Then, the highlight of the event, witnessing one of histories greatest singers, embodied in an 11-year old soprano.

    Hey Jeff, me again.(Hope you don’t mind too much my daily reminisces and thoughts). …till tomorrow 🙂

  24. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Almost forgot the link: http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35 9/25

  25. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Twitter entry for 9/26
    http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35/status/118392216740827136 Jackie Evancho has a perfection and purity to her performances that matches her integrity. On America’s Got Talent, Sharon Osbourne acknowledged that Jackie had a voice that was going to take her all over the world. But,the important result will be that so many people around the world will be brought to discover her music.

    When I think of bringing my Dad to a Jackie Evancho concert, I wonder what the experience will mean to him. Still, I’m certain it would be one of the highlights of his lifetime.

    It is not so much that seeing Jackie sing is important or “a matter of consequence,” as Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince would say. It is that when you see Jackie perform, you realize what is important. She brings honesty and appreciation to her audience.

  26. I would like for her to sing “Pie Jesu”. That was the first song that made my jaw drop.

  27. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Starting the countdown… only three more entry dates after today http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35/status/118726010131845121

    “Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility and leaves the memory with difficulty. Magical music never leaves the memory.” Sir Thomas Beecham

  28. Stephen K. Fischer says:

    I just “liked” OWTK on Facebook!

  29. Stephen K. Fischer says:

    I also am now following OWTK on Twitter, and I really really want her to sing “Impossible Dream” at the Lincoln Center.

  30. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    9/28 http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35/status/119064147882291202 Divine can describe something that is more than human, a thing that is heavenly. There is a certain degree of the divine that is to be found in music and song. Plato interpreted poetry as divine madness, or inspiration. Aristotle even viewed the art form as expressive of the everlasting, the perfect.

  31. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    9/29 Tweet http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35/status/119439554901053440 In the film Forbidden Kingdom (2008), the characters talked about music being a bridge that connects earth and heaven. …If regular music is a bridge between the two, then Jackie Evancho is the express elevator. She is a prodigy of our time.

  32. Cliff (and Nick) Lovell says:

    Final tweet http://twitter.com/#!/Bodies35/status/119749521390567424 So excited… Friday and last day of the contest. Only time will tell if we make it to NYC. It would be amazing to have the opportunity. Already my dad has been sharing Jackies concert DVD with friends and family. Im sure he will tell everone if he gets to see her in person. I know I will. They say, “at any concert, the band is only making half the noise.” would be exciting to be there to show support as fans 🙂

  33. My pick is “Edelweiss”