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Review: Banana Boat Kids Tear Free/Sting Free Sunscreen

My gang spent 6+ hours outdoors beneath the sorta sun at Sesame Place on Saturday. Accuweather promised sunnyside up skies, but instead we frolicked under a plate of scrapple (it’s a Philly thing, you wouldn’t understand).

As you probably know (or should), grey days call for sunblock too. In fact, those deceptive suckers will turn your fair skin a nasty shade if radish red in no time without a sunscreen force field.

This past weekend, when we reached for the sunscreen for ourselves and the kiddos after the Dan Zanes concert and before we suited up for water play, there was something new in the backpack. Historically, OWTK is a Coopertone family. It started with Water Babies, Coopertone’s cute naked-baby-butt pink bottle of waterproof kid’s sunscreen. We progressed from there, becoming brand loyal without even thinking about it.

The good folks at Banana Boat approached me late last month asking if I’d test drive their new Tear Free / Sting Free SPF 50+ Continuous Spray Sunscreen for kids. Just how loyal were we? I decided to give it a spin.

This was our 1st time using a spray-on sunscreen. Quick-hit results were mixed. Seems inefficient, in general, and a hazard to those around you (at, say, an amusement park), more specifically. Additionally, the Mrs. claimed to have trouble pressing down on the button to spray, I however found it quick easy to manage. I think she was looking for reasons not to like the spray, being a lotion-ist for so long she was reluctant to change.

The spray has pluses, especially when dealing with antsy, excited-to-get-splishing-and-splashing kids.  It’s faster, and easier to manage for super fast application of essential sun protection.  Therefore, it’s great for families on the go-go-go! But for those not ready to go-go-go there with spray, preferring the old fashion squeeze and rub (get your mind out of the gutter), there always the more traditional Banana Boat Kid’s Tear Free Sunblock Lotion.

The most important part: Once applied to our pale white skin, the sunblock itself proved very effective. No one came away even the slightest bit red after 3+ hours in the water – not even my authentic Irish redheaded wife – without reapplying once. The Mrs. cannot deny this!

I will totally be climbing aboard the Banana Boat this summer. The Mrs. will want the lotion, while I’ll keep a secret bottle of the spray for when I’m out with the girls. [Shhh, don’t tell her]

Banana Boat wants you and your family to get Sun Certified this summer. They are giving away prizes (towels, totes, VISA gift cards, etc) and donating $1 to The Skin Cancer Foundation for every person who completes a quick quiz on the company’s Facebook page. Banana Boat is also giving away prizes on Twitter every Tuesday during the summer. Check them out there too!

*OWTK received a free sample of Banana Boat suncreen sprays for review consideration. The opinions express above are honest and unbiased.

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