The Loog 3-String Guitar For Kids Kickstarter Campaign

I get a lot of emails. A lot of pitches. And a lot of products arrive in my mailbox. But not many of the pitches make my jaw drop. Not many of products make me crave to hold and to possess the item.

This one does: The Loog 3-String Guitar For Kids

Gorgeous, IKEA-minimalist, handcrafted, build-it-yourself 3-string (real, not toy) guitars for youngsters.  Wait, what?  Build it Yourself and you like that?  But you can’t build anything.  Yes, and correct.

In the same way I prefer to have my kids bake cookies from scratch, grow a vegetable, and prepare a dinner, I think the idea of fostering a deep-rooted connection to something by crafted, nurturing or constructing it is more than amazing.  That you’ll soon be able to do this with a stunning little guitar is just, well, wow.

Check out the Loog Guitar Kickstarter Campaign below.  It’s already reached the financial goal needed to be funded, but you can still contribute and get your own Loog guitar cheaper than the retail price will be once production begins.

Check out this video to discover the idea behind the guitar, hear how it sounds, and learn how all the pieces are interchangeable so the Loog can grow with your kiddo. Brilliant!

I still need to find the money, but I’m hoping to be in for $150 to get a guitar for the girls. I’ll likely go with the Flying V styled Loog III or the classic rock-look of the Loog II. Decisions, decisions!!!

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