The Alphabet City Word Art

I make a modest living organizing letters – using a variety of fonts – into words and phrases.  Some are poignant, most are just silly.  I sell these textual word art designs on a variety of products – tees, mugs, iPhone cases, buttons, etc.

But of the thousands of designs I’ve created, few can touch the classy & cool Alphabet City Word Art.

The Alphabet City is movable eco-friendly adhesive art that can transform any playroom, office or children’s bedroom into a mini modern art gallery, but the letters-as-art project began more modestly.  Artist/photographer Joanne Dugan used her hip collection of letters to inject a playfulness into teaching her young son.  Now you can own these vibrant, colorful letters as pre-packaged words (READ, KID, NYC), custom words (children’s nicknames, OWTK, anything you can think of), or the entire alphabet in a couple different sizes.  A portion of the proceeds will be donated to various non-profit education & literacy groups.

Looking for a unique, last minute Christmas gift idea for a cool tween or your spouse?  I gotta think Alphabet City is going to WOW any recipient. And if you want to buy me OWTK for my office, I’d happily accept the gift!

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