Giveaway: Back to School Edition

Many American families are preparing to send their little darling(s) off to school over the coming weeks.  This event is usually met with disparate emotions; younger kids excited, older ones less so.  Parents are mixed too.  Some dread this day, as they will once again turn their precious children over to the school system for another 9 months, others do backflips that their rugrats will be out of their hair every weekday until May/June.

Whatever you think about back to school season, you may want to capture the memories of fresh crisp uniforms, snazzy new backpacks, clean shoes, trimmed up hair, and, for moms and dads going through this for the 1st time, that memorable shot of your kiddo walking away from you down that hallway, into that classroom.  Maybe the first time they “leave you” in a meaningful, official way.  You can cry, it’s okay, we’ve all been there.

I want to give one (1) lucky OWTK reader a brand new digital camera to help your family capture, keep and cherish these moments.  Or, maybe this new camera will serve as a back to school gift for your grade schooler or tween.   Either way, entering to win is easy.  Leave a comment here telling me something you remember about going back to school yourself; good or bad.  You can also follow OWTK on Twitter and become a fan (or ‘Like’) OWTK on Facebook.  Each of those get you an extra entry.  Please leave a separate comment letting me know which entry methods you’ve taken advantage of.  Thanks.

THE PRIZE: Insignia 12MP Digital Camera (Blue) w/ 4X Optical Zoom, 2.7″ LCD Screen, SD/SDHC Compatible.  $100 value!

THE RULES: Maximum of 3 entries per person (U.S. and Canada only please); Leave comment here with back to school memory, ‘Like’ OWTK on Facebook, Follow OWTK on Twitter.

THE DEADLINE: 11:55pm (ET) on Thursday, August 26th 2010.  I’ll pick the winner the next day.

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  1. On my way home from my first day of kindergarten, I fell asleep on the bus and they forgot about me! I panicked when we arrived at the bus station – I was very happy when my mom showed up to pick me up – oh the trauma!! 🙂

  2. I remember being all excited about the start of school, and happy to be back with my friends in a place I loved. And the fun of back to school shopping for some new clothes with my wonderful thrifty mom – yay for consignment stores! But mostly, I couldn’t wait to get back in the classroom and learn new things. Of course, I’m kind of a geek . . .

    But I’m so happy that my 5th grader is the same way. She loves school too. And my son was so bummed that he couldn’t start kindergarten this year, because he wants to go to school too. Geeks are cool.

    I already follow OWTK on Twitter and FB. 😉

  3. First day of 1st grade. Running home as fast as I could and I tripped on the sidewalk. I got some cuts and bruises but the devastating aspect was my brand new Dukes of Hazard lunch bunch went tumbling down the sidewalk getting all scraped up and the thermos broke. I was devastated. I cried for days.

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  5. I went to a Catholic school and a few days before school started we’d go to pick up our textbooks and our big bag of school supplies. Then I’d get home and put my books into my bookbag, and my pencils and whatnot into my pencilcase, and look at everything all shiny and new and full of promise. I remember the textbooks always seemed so full of exciting things to learn (I felt this way even as a high school senior, flipping through my calc book).

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  8. I moved to a new school and had terrible hiccups in the 1st grade. everyone was starring at me and I couldnt stop. finally the teacher called me up to the front and made me drink water upside down. luckily the hiccups went away but I was sooo embarrassed.

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  11. Secret Burkheiser says:

    I remember going back to school shopping. I still remember most of my friends and have very fond memories.

  12. I remember how nice it was to have NEW school items – even the smells of them still bring me back!

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  14. I remember being SO proud of my Alf high-top tennis shoes on the first day of second grade!

  15. My back to school memory is having a first day of school picture taken at the free in our front yard every year growing up!

  16. I remember Back to School shopping very fondly. Would love picking out new notebooks, folders, pens, pencils and crayons. I would always organize my things weeks ahead of time!!

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  18. The back to school memory I have…the way the erasers smell. LOL, probably because when I was in 2nd grade on the first day of school the boy in front of me ate his eraser and I just didn’t understand why. I mean it smells okay, not like it would be delish or anything.

    Each year I open a pack of erasers and laugh about that.

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  21. One of my favorite school memories is when I was a senior in high school and I got voted to be the school mascot – cougar

  22. Fav back 2 school memory is getting to wear my new cloths on the first day

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  25. My first day of 7th grade was the most nerve-wracking. That was the year that I went from being homeschooled to a class with 18 kids. That first year, I was painfully shy, but I’m so thankful for the experience.

  26. I remember the first day I went to “real school” in 11th grade – I felt abandoned by friends I already knew, but made a great new friend right away in homeroom – she helped me figure out lockers. We still keep in touch 10 years later 🙂

  27. I remember wearing my new outfit on my first bus ride and day back to school and feeling right in fashion!

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  30. back to school memory… new knit pink sweater with a kitten made by mom

  31. One back to school memory is having to go to bed early so I would wake up on the right side of the bed.

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  34. I remember getting all panicky each year that I’d forget which school bus was mine and end up on the wrong one.

  35. I remember learning Stop, Drop and Roll in kindergarten – it was fun to have permission to roll around on the floor!!

  36. My first day in health class in h.s., I wasn’t on the list…so they put me behind a random girl (everyone else was in alphabetical order) and now I was on the opposite side of where I would have been. she started talking to me though and became a best friend of mine.

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  38. I loooooved going back to school shopping! It was SO much fun to find the outfit I’d wear on the first day of school.

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  40. I always loved shopping for new school supplies. Cute notebooks, freshly-sharpened pencils, pens…always made me happy!

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  41. I remember the first day of second grade, when I got off the bus I gave my mom the finger. I couldn’t understand why she was so mad about what the older kids had taught me!

  42. Amy Brewer says:

    I remember loving going back to school for the first week to see all my friends but then after that I hated to get up in the mornings and couldn’t wait for school to end. I did love making new friends but tended to stay with the girls that have been with me from the start. I still have their friendships with me 14 years (since a senior but longer through out school) later.

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  44. I remember being so stressed out about NEEDING the latest fashions for the first day. I would give my parents so much grief to get me those sweet skater pants with the word “VISION” written all the way down one leg. Ugh. I’m sure this type of behavior will come back to haunt my with my own kids any year now…
    I already like you on FB & follow on Twitter and have done so fo-eva!

  45. A back to school memory would be, not having my hair absolutely perfect on the first day. I was so mad!!!

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  48. I don’t know why but I was always excited to get a new pair of cords for back to school. I remember my pink and purple cords. I was so proud 😀

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  51. My first day of first grade was in a new school. I remember my poor Dad was the only parent “allowed” to stay in the classroom and he had to go to work, so he kept checking his watch. He never made me feel badly about making him stay, and only when I felt ready did he leave to go to work. Funny, I haven’t thought about this in a really, really long time. Think I’m gonna call my Dad, now…

  52. PS – I am following you on twitter and FB already!

  53. I remember that the few weeks before school, my mom woud take us shopping for new school supplies. Way back then we had small lists of what we needed and then we could get extra things. I loved going school shopping. Every year we got new pencil cases and binders. My favorite thing in the world was to get a new lunch box. I remember I had an Archie comics one that I loved! That reall dates me but I loved that lunch box

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  56. This makes me feel very sentimental but I always take a picture of my kids the day they start school and the end of that school year

    thank u for such a fantastic giveaway 🙂

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    Like someone else said….getting a new lunch box every year was great…new clothes, and also seeing my friends again.

  61. My favorite memory of going back to school was on the night before that first day. I would lay out my clothes and get everything ready. I was so excited!

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  64. I remember my first day of Jr High, my ride to school forgot to pick me up. I was so freaked out (and cell phones weren’t as popular as they are now) that I started running to school. Along the way my ride was driving on their way to pick up me after they realized they forgot me. Luckily I made it to school on time.

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  67. I loved getting ready for school more than attending on that first day. Getting all the new supplies was so fun.

  68. I always remember going back to school shopping with my mom. I loved it.

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  71. I remember always having a hard time falling asleep the night before we went back because I was so excited to see my friends and wear my new clothes/backpack etc

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  73. tina reynolds says:

    I remember having to go to a new school in the 3rd grade but it worked out I was so scared, but with in a week I was ok, but I still remember the butterfly’s in my stomach

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  78. I loved going school shopping.