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Sunset in Les Baux de Provence

Hi there, apologies for the lack of a post yesterday. Blame it on France Telecom – our internet connection was temporarily lost in our house. Monday night saw OWTK touring the mountain village of Les Baux de Provence (awarded the distinction of being one of the loveliest villages in France by folks who make such grandeous proclaimations. I cannot say that I disagree but it does not appear as though anyone actually lives in the village – giving them an unfair advantage in presenting and maintaining such loveliness!).

We arrived just in time to visit a few shops before they closed for the day (but not in time to tour the castle at the very top) and to watch the serene sunset.

Here are some old ruins in the town. To the right is what appears to an ancient window pane.

The gorgeous entrance to a wonderful shop: All biscuits, cookies, and candies. All the goodies are laid out fresh and sold by the kilo. We bought 15 Euro worth of cookies and it could have been much worse! Simply delicious!

Alas, the end of a perfect day.

Jeff OWTK – live in Provence!


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